Public Service Organisation

A Communications Officer who manages the internal communications for a large public service organisation in Northern Ireland has used NewZapp since 2016 to implement the communications strategy and engage the workforce of 480 employees.

Their challenge

Prior to using NewZapp the workforce was disengaged from the organisation's aims and ethos. Similarly, management wasn’t able to learn what made employees tick, what information they found useful and interesting, or how to keep them engaged.

The organisation required a secure, UK-based service that could report analyses of email campaigns and gather feedback. NewZapp was chosen on the recommendation of a colleague who had used the software and service in a previous role.

We were approached with the organisational objective to build the capabilities of employees through coordinated and effective communications and strong leadership. NewZapp is now central to distributing and delivering the communications strategy through team briefing emails. The result is a two-way cycle of communication that enables management to update employees about their aims and progress in a weekly Core Brief. Employees read the Core Brief and then feedback their queries and suggestions to management.



Key Services
  • Bespoke creative
  • Brand Management
  • Account Management
  • Domain reputation
  • Engagement analytics
  • Managed services
  • Management reporting
How we helped

NewZapp has enabled the organisation to send timely and accurate email communications with predetermined subject lines that employees read and appreciate.

With the Analytics tool they can now analyse the quality of their communications and improve the content accordingly. Now the open-rate and level of employee engagement is consistently much higher.

External email marketing results are consistently between 80% and 90% which are well ahead of the typical email marketing benchmarks. Internal marketing engagement has risen from 48% in 2017 to 59% in 2018.

The solution

The bespoke package offers the service the ability to communicate with local law firms and organisations across the country as well as email their staff internally with their monthly core brief.

I.T governance and security was a major factor. The service had to ensure that NewZapp was compliant with their security & privacy policies, supporting and working closely with IT Governance teams to ensure that their data was safe and protected throughout their service subscription.

Their dedicated account managment team provided best practice hints and tips, advice on the internal and external communications trends and how to create engagement opportunities within NewZapp.

The Result

NewZapp has delivered a bespoke email communication platform that met all of the organisations governance and security policies.

The ultimate solution for the company was to be able to communicate with their external organisations, since then the account has evolved into both internal and external relationship marketing. The company have had a bespoke template created for their external marketing but have used the free tools inside of NewZapp to create their internal newsletter.

The company receives regular check in's and support with various members of their communications teams. They are considering using a domain pack to meet the government organisation requirements of DKIM later on this year.

NewZapp has definitely made my role more effective. The Analytics tool is very insightful and useful. I can accurately assess the best times and the best ways to communicate with staff, and the quality of my communications. I'm now creating tailored content for employees who were not previously opening emails and seeing a significant increase in their engagement.

Communications Officer

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