Cheshire East Council

Cheshire East Council is based in Wilmslow in the North West of England and provides a full range of local government services. Communications manager, Debbie Faulkner, and her team use NewZapp extensively for their internal communications.

Their challenge

The team needs to inform and update over 5,000 council employees with weekly news and events. The objective is to engage and coordinate the workforce and communicate organisational aims and direction.

Before using NewZapp the Council newsletter amounted to a single page of plain-text content. The workforce was growing and taking on more competences: using Microsoft Outlook for large-scale distribution was a problem. The newsletter needed to evolve in length and scope to reflect developing trends within the organisation.

The Council required purpose-built internal communications software with features for sharing images containing embedded links, and a contact database that could be easily updated and organised. NewZapp's email tracking and analytics tools could enable the team to identify weaknesses and make their strategy more effective for their growing workforce.


Local Government

Key Services
  • Bespoke creative
  • Brand Management
  • Campaign strategy
  • Content planning
  • Domain reputation
  • Engagement analytics
  • Managed services
  • Management reporting
The Process

First step was to create a branded template which reflected the brand colours, corporate identity and their core values. They used the NewZapp in house design service to make sure that their emails looked good on every device. We then setup a domain pack which protects their government domain and ensures that emails land in colleagues' inboxes.

Since then they have receive regular account reviews to support their internal communications strategy. During these account reviews the topics discussed vary from improving engagement opportunities to optimising their campaigns to get the most out of their account.

The solution

Cheshire East Council are on a package which has provided them with an extensive range of tools for their Internal Communications such as the best time to communicate with staff, detailed send history per colleague and full database management tools.

The account took 10 days to set up which included delivery of their bespoke template, full onboarding, team training and liaising with their IT team for full delivery whitelisting.

Their dedicated account managment team provided best practice hints and tips, advice on the internal communications trends and how to create engagement opportunities within NewZapp.

The Result

Since 2011, NewZapp has delivered a high-performance email communication platform that matched the Council's requirements for cost, simplicity and helpful customer service.

East Council now reach their employees in a timely manner with branded professional communications that provided engagement metrics to meet their internal communications Key Performance Indicators.

NewZapp helped us to overcome our problem of mass distribution. With over 5,000 employees our contact database needed to be rationalised so we could send targeted emails to the right employees. Of all the IC companies we researched, NewZapp best suited our requirements in terms of cost and functionality. The formatting tools are intuitive to use and emails are quick and easy to prepare. We have a large workforce that is continually evolving so the ability to track open rates and target delivery has been amazing.

Debbie Faulkner, Cheshire East Council

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