Network Rail

Network Rail employ over 37,000 people and manage the infrastructure of our country's railway network.


Network Rail need to communicate regularly to its employees and stakeholders important and often time critical information. They needed to track the level of engagement, ensure timely distribution and generate messages with ease.


Network Rail chose NewZapp's Internal Communications platform to deliver messages, monitor readership promote engagement and improve the awareness of ongoing projects, strategies and areas of interest to stakeholders.



Key Services
  • Bespoke creative
  • Brand Management
  • Managed services
  • Internal Communications
  • Domain reputation
  • Engagement analytics
  • Management reporting

NewZapp is providing us with a greater level of understanding on what staff are reading. This is helping us to create more engaging and valuable content on subjects they want to hear about.

Andrew Manning, Network Rail
How we helped

After listening to the requirements Network Rail had for their staff communications we created a range of services to deliver on every part of these. Separate and secure accounts for each department with named user logins, an audit trail to provide full accountability within the system, an easy to use editor to give every content manager control over their messages, a bespoke branded template to ensure everything was on-brand. We spent time liaising with the group IT Team to fully understand the best way to deliver tens of thousands of messages in a short period of time to their email platform without getting blocked at the network edge.

We provided a dedicated account and success manager to look after Network Rail and ensure their communications go out on time, every time. Working with their IT and Communications team we help ensure full IT and Data governance at all times. Regular account reviews and continually working to understand the changing needs of the business help deliver the right solution for Network Rail messaging.

The solution

Network Rail use regular email newsletters, email bulletins and corporate branded messaging to engage with and deliver information to employees. Thanks to the built-in features of the platform, all messages follow Network Rail brand guidelines and it ensures they stand out as important and genuine in the inbox.

The Result

Network Rail employees are able to be sent messages from any of the routes, departments and the overall management functions of the organisation. They regularly schedule emails to both all employees and targeted employee segments resulting in increased engagement and an improvement in the information given to employees.

The combination of easy-to-use software that enables me to reach my geographically diverse audience and an efficient and friendly service, is very much appreciated here at Network Rail.

Gail Everton, Senior Communication Manager, Network Rail

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