Breaking down barriers to employee engagement

Engagement is a measure of the health of your organisation. NewZapp customers experience dramatic increases in engagement and powerful synchronisation across the workforce. A major boost for both morale and productivity.

Top features

Drag and drop editor

Segmentation made simple

Automate and scheduling tool

LIVE! Track clicks and opens

Spam check tool

Multi-user licensing

Bespoke templates

Creating a truly free flow of information.

Building an open culture

It's easy to pay lip service to building an open culture. How much better to create a truly free flow of information? This is achieved with rigorous strategy backed up with rock-solid software.

  • Generate insightful reports
  • Instigate feedback loops with regular and relevant e-newsletters
  • Enable employees to feel a valued part of the communication cycle
Messages sent to the right people at the right time.

Positive change

Enabling change is strenuous when messages are unclear, inconsistent or irrelevant to the audience. Our segmentation and automation tools ensure focused messages reach the right audiences at the right times.

  • Create a highly effective communication pipeline
  • Flag up messages which need clarification or an upgrade
  • Allow a seamless delivery of relevant and timely content
Ensuring your internal communications are kept in lockstep with your brand.

Reinforcing brand unity

Brands become weakened when communications are makeshift or poorly designed. Our bespoke templating service ensures your internal communications are kept in lockstep with current brand guidelines.

  • Simple and intuitive drag and drop tools
  • Create your own flexible subtemplates with ease
  • Reinforce your brand’s identity with every email
Effectively and measurably spread focused messages.

Driving performance

Internal communications can either hinder or bolster performance. We ensure you can effectively and measurably spread focused messages from senior management via line managers to all employees.

  • Judge how well your communications are received with simple and powerful analytical tools
  • Gather employee feedback to improve organisation-wide performance

Big picture goals

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